Monday, May 11, 2020

G'Day, Mate! Team Green's SLIDESHOW

G'Day, Mate!!

Finally, our last look at Australia which included the study of birds common to the land down under. 

Again, a little background first.  In light of the bush fires in Australia, I decided to have ALL Art 6/7 students at SMS explore different aspects of the country. Each team would have a different theme and project. The GREEN team researched many of the different birds found in Australia. We used the chrome books for research, then did numerous bird sketches, before exploring different techniques in watercolours, Chromatemp paint and oil pastels. We used the traditional Aboriginal Dot Painting technique to add an Aussie flavour and movement to our soft watercolour paper skies. Our birds were painted on a separate paper and embellished with oil pastels before sealing with Mod Podge and mounting in a raised relief. We took our inspiration from Juliette Williams. 

I hope you enjoy these fun bird paintings! 















Thursday, May 7, 2020


Don't have time for a BIG project?
How about a quick draw?

Each school day in MAY, I will add a DAILY DRAWING PROMPT to this page. 
Grab your sketchbook, paper or something else to draw on, and a pencil and GO!

Daily Drawing Prompts
May 1 ... draw a creature with lots of legs in an overgrown garden
May 4 ... draw a kangaroo surfing
May 5 ... draw a walking TACO
May 6 ... draw Ms P building lots of sandcastles on a deserted beach in Mexico
May 7 ... draw a dancing fork and spoon
May 11 ... draw a snail doing a trick on a skateboard
May 12 ... draw a gecko with a beach umbrella
May 13 ... draw a person with fruit for hair
May 14 ... draw something other than a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
May 15 ... draw the floor plan of your bedroom (include your furniture)
May 19 ... draw a rollercoaster highway in a city 
May 20 ... draw an appliance in your kitchen (with a twist) 😉
May 21 ... draw a lamp in your house that is dancing
May 22 ... draw one of your favourite shoes 
May 25 ... draw your next birthday cake
May 26 ... draw a flamingo doing ballet
May 27 ... draw your desk at school (from memory)
May 28 ... draw a glass bottle 
May 29 ... draw a 'socially distant' example of a school of fish in the ocean 


If you have any questions, or photos to share for the Student Gallery, please contact me at:

Sunday, May 3, 2020

WISH I WAS THERE ... Collage project

In 2016, my Art 8 class project took inspiration from the retro postcard campaign, 'Wish You Were Here'. Our postcards were created using torn magazine colours and collage techniques. We selected  a place where we'd been that held a special memory. Sketched it out. The rest is history!

As we are in Week 8 of this pandemic, I've decided to reintroduce the project, but this time it would be entitled, 'Wish I Was There'. Students will need to sift through their memories or pictures of things they did or places they are missing, but can't do with our new Stay At Home responsibility.

*glue stick or Mod Podge
*4x6" cardstock, sketchbook page, or cracker box to glue pieces on
*varied magazine fonts to spell your DESTINATION


find a photo or sketch a place you have been missing. Add colour to your sketch.

grab your magazines and tear out pages of colours needed.

now tear into loonie or toonie sized pieces or tear long skinny strips (for the sky). HINT: if you tear or pull up you will get a white edge of fibres. If you tear downwards, you'll get a coloured edge. This will add interest to your finished piece. Also the fibres help to create a smoother surface when gluing down vs a cut edge (you can feel a lip when moving your fingers across pieces).

start gluing down your pieces from the top edge of your 4x6" postcard background. Working L to R.  Working top to bottom. OVERLAP each piece slightly. No background should show through. Leave an overhang so you can seal edges by folding over and gluing onto the back.

continue from BACKGROUND down to MIDGROUND and then FOREGROUND.

Using FOUND fonts from magazine add your DESTINATION at the top (L or R side) . Include your initials on the bottom R corner in found fonts.

AM I FINISHED?? run your hand over your collage? Does it feel smooth? Is it rough? Are there edges that need to be glued down? It should feel nice and smooth and no 'catches' as you run your hand over it. 

Remember to overlap pieces, and build your picture from farthest away to closest to. In my Kelowna sample above, I started with blue sky, then added yellow sun, then the cliffs behind the golf course. Then I added the landscaping along fairway, then flowers behind the green, the green itself, the flowers in front and lastly I added the flagstick and ball in hole (I cut those out to create contrast and crispness to the man-made objects.

Watch the video below to see samples of the 2016 SMS Art students' project and how they handled the progression from Background to Foreground.

Once you finish, send photos of your project (progression) to:

Monday, April 27, 2020

April 27 ... Mother's Day Card Project


String Art is traditionally the weaving of coloured string, wool or yarn around hammered nails to make geometric patterns and various desirable shapes. This organic idea to use thread and nails to form angles has grown from an educational tool to an art form like no other. 

Using this same technique, string art cards have become a popular way to create meaningful DIY cards. Spirelli is where you stitch thread through holes, which is good for card-making and scrap-booking. 

It is refreshing to reuse older forms of art to make cool new ones. Take a look!

 If you have any questions, or photos to share, please contact me at:

Maybe you've seen this one on one of your neighbourhood walks?!

TICKLE YOUR IMAGINATION ... inspired by Victor Nunes

If you have any questions, or photos to share, please contact me at: