Friday, April 17, 2020

Apr 17 ... Australian Landmarks ... RED Team SLIDESHOW

Buenos tardes, todo el mundo!

A rainy day! Computer issues! Light at the end of the tunnel, finally!! Have been trying to put together the RED team slideshow today. I think my computer is on its last legs. As they say, that's 6 hours I'll never get back. Anyway, happy to report that I persevered and with a little techie help (ok, lots),  finally got my video built.

A little background first ... with the wild fires in Australia earlier this year,  I decided to have ALL Art 6/7 students at SMS explore Australia. Each team would have a different theme and project. The RED team would research famous landmarks or historical sites in the land down under. We used the chrome books for research, then did some sketching, explored different techniques in chalk pastels, and then did some practice landscapes to go with our landmark and, finally, explored the differences between tempera and acrylic metallics (all in the sketchbook).

The last twist, we would take inspiration for our project from Australian artist Heather Duff. She is famous for her desert landscape and seascape paintings. Her glowing red Uluru is often set against a black and white background.

This lesson will provide students with skills in composition, collage, paint and chalk pastels. The sample above (by Mrs B) was used to demonstrate those skills and show the importance of object placement to create depth. I'll let the students explain the story, or the myth, behind my Boab Prison Tree below.

I hope you enjoy the artwork created by RED team! Just click on the link below. Crank up the sound!


  1. That's very cool. Great job students and Ms. P.

  2. Creative artwork, interesting geography lesson, and a great tune. It looks like it was a fun project too - which makes for a magical combination. Way to go Red Team!


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