Friday, April 17, 2020

APRIL 17 ... Indoor Scavenger Hunt


Scavenger Hunts can be done anywhere! It's especially fun to collect things on a beach. Here's a sample of my scavenger hunt on the beach in Majahual, Mexico.
Find. Collect. Arrange. 📷!

* Find a baby spoon
* Find something green in the kitchen
* Find a partially used roll of toilet paper
* Find 2 things that have wheels
* Find 3 crayons, pencil crayons or markers
* Find something that has a scratchy surface
* Find a used tube of toothpaste
* Find a cool, old key
* Find a pair of brightly coloured socks
* Find a rubber band, paperclip and a penny
* Find a pair of sunglasses
* Find a favourite mug
* Find a snack
* Find a box of Kleenex
* Find a colourful tea towel 

How many things did you find??

Now, ARRANGE in an interesting composition  and take a PHOTO. 

Can you rearrange and make a LANDSCAPE  with a background, a mid-ground and a foreground? Take a second photo. 

In your sketchbook, draw and colour/shade your landscape!!

If you have any questions, or photos to share, please contact me at:

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