Tuesday, April 21, 2020


Andy Warhol, Pop Artist

The art movement called POP ART started in the UK, then USA in the late 1950s. Pop Art or 'popular' art took their ideas from comic books, advertising and household objects. Warhol's Campbell's Soup Cans were created in a painting series of 32 soup cans. 
Asked why he chose Tomato soup, his simple answer was that he liked soup!! 
He also coined the expression "15 minutes of fame". 


Here's a favourite project that students have enjoyed creating over the years. Mrs B has set up this 'zoom in' project step-by-step. We chose this project as everyone will have some form of labels at home to choose from: candy wrappers, drink boxes, crackers, cereal, coffee, KD, pizza sauce, a tin of pineapple, etc. You get the idea! Choose your fav' and get started. 

pencil crayon samples

Painted Samples from 2016 SMS Art 8 Students

If you have any questions, or photos to share, please contact me at:

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