Saturday, April 25, 2020

Walk a Mile in MY Shoes ... Art8 SLIDESHOW

A few weeks before Spring Break, the Art 8 classes started a Cardboard Sculpture project. They were to choose a shoe or a particular footwear item that held meaning for them. We sketched. Measured. Then explored cardboard characteristics and methods of joining. My choice of shoe was my flip flops. The kids can attest to the fact that I wear my flip flops everywhere, including school in the winter (with tanned feet and painted toes, of course). They have been to Mexico several times.  I WAS wearing them when I wiped out and split my head open in the classroom! Eh, it was only 7 stitches!!

Anyway, a few worked very hard (and on-task) to get the major construction part completed before Spring Break deadline. Some, would need more time. But then COVID 19 hit! School was suspended and projects lay in the cubby long forgotten. When Mrs Woodhurst organized the retrieval of student belongings in the gym, I decided to photograph and pack up their shoes and deliver them to their 'bag' to go home. It was a very disquieting morning in the art room remembering each student's struggles, successes and visions for their project as I photographed each one. 

that's me!

Hopefully many of the shoes made it home, but what happened then? Would they be completed? Trashed? Or simply forgotten? I think for some students, like Victoria, who was building a figure skate,  the meaningfulness of her project would be a poignant memory, as our world seemed to change overnight. 

Victoria M

For those ART8 students who did complete their 'shoe', I would 💖 to post pictures of the completed item. Take a handful of 📷 from different angles, so everyone can appreciate your design, textures and finishing details. Then send to:  I will add them to my Student Gallery for my June Farewell slideshow.

I hope you enjoy the show and tunes!

Brook K

Jasmine C

Jack R

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