Tuesday, April 14, 2020

April 14 ... Outdoor Scavenger Hunt


Being out in nature and creating beautiful things makes a heart happy. When you can combine nature, beauty, sketching and learning, it is a gift. This activity is designed to help you engage with nature, use your creativity and get you drawing.

In your sketchbook, or on a piece of paper, create a 3x4 grid. Make sure it is a FULL page. In each square you will need to sketch a found outdoor item. The sketch can be a full or a partial sketch with details, value/shade and, if you wish, colour. The example below illustrates a partial sketch of a pinecone. Doing a partial sketch allows for the artist to zoom in on a particular area of the item. Make sure that when doing a partial you fill the entire square.

Possible Outdoor items:
1 Textured bark                                                     
2 Multi-coloured rock
3 A bud starting to open
4 Seedpod
5 Old dried up berries
6 Animal scat (yuk, Mrs B!)
7 Pinecone
8 Dead or Alive insects (take photo for reference)
9 An antler
10 Tree branch
11 Lichen
12 Crocus
13 Needle patterns
14 Assorted leaves
15 Leaf skeleton
16 Trash  : (
17 New growth coming out of the soil
18 Bird (take photo)
19 Animal tracks in mud
20 Student choice!

When you are finished sketching your 12 items, label the drawings, take a photo of your page and send it to: 

It would be great to add your work to our ART at HOME Student Gallery slideshow!

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