Sunday, April 5, 2020

April 5 ... Great Barrier Reef ... BLUE team SLIDESHOW

Buenos tardes! 

Hope everyone is staying healthy. Smokey is all snuggled up on his blanket, dreaming about all the busy birds in the garden gathering their nesting materials. I got up early to join Anna in Australia for some painting with coffee! Early morning art, a great way to start the day! It was about the process, not the final product! LOL

JUST A REMINDER ... Have you or your parents/guardians made plans to pick up your personal belongings at SMS Monday or Tuesday? Check out Mrs Woodhurst's info on the school website. Mrs B and I were able to get all sketchbooks delivered to the gym where your locker and desk items are organized. We also got all the Art8 labelled cardboard sculptures and zips to the gym. Hopefully some of you will complete the project at home. If you DO finish, please take a photo and email me a copy. Slideshow to follow!


So, my goal this weekend was to get the first SLIDESHOW completed. As I mentioned in the previous blog, we had just finished studying and creating a variety of Australian inspired art projects. Blue Team travelled to the Great Barrier Reef (via the chrome books) and researched and practiced sketching a variety of sea creatures. Each student then created 2 large fish; the first fish was done in GEOMETRIC shapes and the second, ORGANIC. The students created their own painted paper for the project. Here's Kiara's dolphin below. Awesome job! 

Funny story ... HAHA not... got my slideshow built, but alas, it was too big for my blog page. MsP just learned how to set up a YOUTUBE page, post and link all to this blog. Talk about a stressful afternoon! But don't worry, Mr Matheson, I got this!! 

Check out the BLUE team fish on the youtube link below.

NEXT UP: our first ART at HOME project to be posted Monday pm. See you soon!

If you have any questions, or photos to share, please contact me at:

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