Thursday, May 7, 2020


Don't have time for a BIG project?
How about a quick draw?

Each school day in MAY, I will add a DAILY DRAWING PROMPT to this page. 
Grab your sketchbook, paper or something else to draw on, and a pencil and GO!

Daily Drawing Prompts
May 1 ... draw a creature with lots of legs in an overgrown garden
May 4 ... draw a kangaroo surfing
May 5 ... draw a walking TACO
May 6 ... draw Ms P building lots of sandcastles on a deserted beach in Mexico
May 7 ... draw a dancing fork and spoon
May 11 ... draw a snail doing a trick on a skateboard
May 12 ... draw a gecko with a beach umbrella
May 13 ... draw a person with fruit for hair
May 14 ... draw something other than a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
May 15 ... draw the floor plan of your bedroom (include your furniture)
May 19 ... draw a rollercoaster highway in a city 
May 20 ... draw an appliance in your kitchen (with a twist) 😉
May 21 ... draw a lamp in your house that is dancing
May 22 ... draw one of your favourite shoes 
May 25 ... draw your next birthday cake
May 26 ... draw a flamingo doing ballet
May 27 ... draw your desk at school (from memory)
May 28 ... draw a glass bottle 
May 29 ... draw a 'socially distant' example of a school of fish in the ocean 


If you have any questions, or photos to share for the Student Gallery, please contact me at:

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